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15 Years of Finnish Design

palikkaEach Mother’s Day my family encourages me to spend the day doing whatever sounds fun and relaxing. Usually that involves getting out into the garden and planting flowers, but this year’s cool, wet spring put a damper on those plans. So instead we made a trip to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts to take in “Finland: Designed Environments,” a lovely new exhibition focusing on 21st-century creations—including furniture, fashion, architecture, and even bicycles. The exhibition isn’t a big one, but it provides a great crash-course in the practical, understated elegance that has made Finnish design so distinctive and influential across so many creative fields. The exhibit runs until Aug. 17 and is free, so it’s easy to fit into a quick visit, or as a special bonus if you’re planning to see another of the museum’s exhibitions.

I particularly loved the “Palikka” stool by Tapio Anttila, pictured here. Check out a slideshow of objects from the exhibition here.

Got Mjölnir?

MjölnirLet’s face it: Some days you need all the help you can get. And on those days it doesn’t hurt to have Mjölnir at your ready, just in case. The hammer belonging to the Norse god Thor, Mjölnir is supposed to be capable of leveling mountains. And that’s good enough for you and me when it’s time to appeal that parking ticket, clean out the fridge, or ask the boss for a raise.

I was Christmas shopping for my husband when this stylized Thor’s hammer caught my eye on Etsy, and I was immediately drawn to the fun variation on the theme. Artist Irene Davis has struck just the right balance between rough-hewn simplicity and playfulness—a little “Viking bling,” as my husband so aptly put it.

Davis’ designs are available in pewter, bronze and sterling silver.

Photo: Doug Bratland