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Style Meets Warmth

NorSariIt’s officially fall! And if you live in a cold-weather climate, you know this is no time to relax. Our pre-hibernation brains kick in and tell us to start carb-loading and hoarding canned goods. We know it’s time to tune up our snowblowers and take inventory of our winter outerwear.

This winter I say, “Bring it on.” I’m the owner of a NorSari. And I plan to wear it everywhere.

Gwen Daniels, the creative force behind NorSari, said she invented the wooly outer-skirt to help her survive the cold Minnesota winter: “I started wrapping a blanket around my waist before heading out the door to get in my cold car to drive to work. I couldn’t believe how warm it kept me! Soon, I was wearing the blanket even at work. At that point I decided I needed to make myself a wrap that looked a little more stylish.”

Daniels shared her idea with family and friends, refined her product over the course of a couple winters, and NorSari was born. Now she offers the wrap in three sizes and an assortment of wool fabrics. So warm! So easy! Why didn’t I think of that? Check out NorSari on the web, or visit the NorSari shop on Etsy.

Got Mjölnir?

MjölnirLet’s face it: Some days you need all the help you can get. And on those days it doesn’t hurt to have Mjölnir at your ready, just in case. The hammer belonging to the Norse god Thor, Mjölnir is supposed to be capable of leveling mountains. And that’s good enough for you and me when it’s time to appeal that parking ticket, clean out the fridge, or ask the boss for a raise.

I was Christmas shopping for my husband when this stylized Thor’s hammer caught my eye on Etsy, and I was immediately drawn to the fun variation on the theme. Artist Irene Davis has struck just the right balance between rough-hewn simplicity and playfulness—a little “Viking bling,” as my husband so aptly put it.

Davis’ designs are available in pewter, bronze and sterling silver.

Photo: Doug Bratland

Marimekko Mania

After a long day of work on a sub-zero evening, I was delighted to come home and find a package from a relative in Finland. I was even more excited to open it and find a Marimekko Pieni Unikko Smartbag and napkins. I’ve carried another “smartbag” in my purse for the past couple of years, and it’s the only reusable bag I’ve ever managed to use. After a couple of years of hard use, it’s ready to be retired and replaced by my new Marimekko version, which is just a little bit roomier, sturdier, and more stylish.

If you have a case of smartbag envy, you can find this one—and others—on the Marimekko website.