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Arctic Adventure

SvalbardMy article about a recent stay on Svalbard appears in this month’s issue of Viking magazine. I feel so fortunate that I could visit this Arctic archipelago, which lies halfway between Norway and the North Pole. And writing this feature was a great opportunity to relive the whole otherworldly experience.

In addition to tips for would-be travelers, I was able to throw in some curious facts about Svalbard. For example, did you know that cats aren’t allowed as pets on Svalbard? (They’re a threat to the bird population.) And did you know that no one is buried there? (The permafrost doesn’t allow for the decomposition of bodies.) No babies are born either. (There are better medical facilities on the mainland, should complications arise.)


Island Escapes

Viking January 2014The cover story of the January travel issue of Viking magazine features my “Island Escapes” article — the last piece I wrote in my role as editor of the magazine.

The article recaps a fantastic trip I made to Northern Norway’s Lofoten and Vesterålen archipelagos with the magazine’s art director and Oslo-based photographer Nancy Bundt. I will forever remember this as the “pinch-me tour” due to the amazing scenery and wonderful people we encountered. Warm sunshine, sandy beaches, and turquoise water in the Arctic? Who knew?