Style Meets Warmth

NorSariIt’s officially fall! And if you live in a cold-weather climate, you know this is no time to relax. Our pre-hibernation brains kick in and tell us to start carb-loading and hoarding canned goods. We know it’s time to tune up our snowblowers and take inventory of our winter outerwear.

This winter I say, “Bring it on.” I’m the owner of a NorSari. And I plan to wear it everywhere.

Gwen Daniels, the creative force behind NorSari, said she invented the wooly outer-skirt to help her survive the cold Minnesota winter: “I started wrapping a blanket around my waist before heading out the door to get in my cold car to drive to work. I couldn’t believe how warm it kept me! Soon, I was wearing the blanket even at work. At that point I decided I needed to make myself a wrap that looked a little more stylish.”

Daniels shared her idea with family and friends, refined her product over the course of a couple winters, and NorSari was born. Now she offers the wrap in three sizes and an assortment of wool fabrics. So warm! So easy! Why didn’t I think of that? Check out NorSari on the web, or visit the NorSari shop on Etsy.